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Miteff Enterprises Unveils "InstaFame Phantom Art, Volume 1: The Nic 707 Collection"

Updated: May 23


Miteff Enterprises Unveils "InstaFame Phantom Art, Volume 1: The Nic 707 Collection" – A Captivating Journey into New York City's Underground Art Movement

ORLANDO, Florida, March 14, 2021 – Miteff Enterprises, a dynamic organization dedicated to the development and promotion of artistic intellectual properties, proudly announces the release of its groundbreaking book, "InstaFame Phantom Art, Volume 1: The Nic 707 Collection." Authored by Karim Miteff, this captivating volume takes readers on a thrilling exploration of the iconic guerrilla-style exhibitions that revolutionized New York City's transit system.

"InstaFame Phantom Art" documents the extraordinary art campaign initiated by the legendary graffiti Style Master, Nic 707. Starting in 2009, Nic 707 embarked on a series of innovative, pop-up gallery exhibitions, transforming the interiors of train cars and buses into captivating showcases. Passengers were treated to an unprecedented experience as they witnessed classic graffiti returning to its roots and the works of talented artists from across the globe. All of this was accessible for the price of a Metrocard.

Spanning the exhibition's first five years, "InstaFame Phantom Art, Volume 1" provides a colorful and comprehensive guide to Nic 707's visionary project. Readers will delve into Nic 707's early experiences as a graffiti writer, his inspiring philosophy, and his groundbreaking approach to public performance and exhibition. The book features hundreds of vibrant images that celebrate Nic 707's unmatched talent and boundless imagination, making it a valuable resource for art enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone fascinated by the world of graffiti and urban art.

"This book is not only a visual feast but also a testament to the remarkable vision of Nic 707," said Karim Miteff, author and Managing Director of Miteff Enterprises. "It captures the essence of a movement that brought art directly to the people, breaking down barriers and inspiring a new generation of artists. 'InstaFame Phantom Art' is a must-have for anyone interested in graffiti, art history, or the power of creative expression."

The late Nic 707, founder of the renowned "Out to Bomb" (OTB) graffiti crew, was a pioneer in the graffiti world during the 1970s. His dedication to resurrecting graffiti in its original form and location led to the creation of "InstaFame Phantom Art" and the unrivaled collection it produced. Though Nic 707 passed away due to complications from Covid-19, his legacy endures through this decade-long project and its groundbreaking concepts.

For media inquiries, author interviews, or review copies of "InstaFame Phantom Art, Volume 1: The Nic 707 Collection," please contact:

Karim Miteff

Director, Miteff Enterprises

Phone: 407-421-8003


"InstaFame Phantom Art, Volume 1: The Nic 707 Collection" is available for purchase at Miteff Enterprises' official website and at Amazon at this link:

About Miteff Enterprises:

Miteff Enterprises is a leading organization dedicated to creating, promoting, and distributing innovative intellectual properties across various genres. With a focus on the arts, entertainment, and sciences, Miteff Enterprises encompasses imprints such as Oraculum Press and Meta Obscura Media. The company's production division, Miteff Publications, covers a broad range of topics, including non-fiction and art.

Note to editors:

High-resolution images and additional materials are available upon request and at the following Google Drive link location:

Product Details Title: InstaFame Phantom Art, Volume 1: The Nic 707 Collection Author: Karim Miteff

Publisher: Miteff Enterprises LLC

Series: NYC Transit Exhibition Catalog

Print length: 217 pages

Language: English

Publication Date: March 14, 2021

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.51 x 8.5 inches

ISBN-10: 1736756400

ISBN-13: 978-1736756409

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