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Iconic InstaFame Art Exhibited at the Hudson River Museum in New York


Miteff Enterprises Showcases Iconic InstaFame Phantom Art Collection at the Hip Hop Heroes Exhibition at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York

Orlando, FL – November 10, 2023

Miteff Enterprises, based in Orlando, FL, proudly announces the loan of an iconic piece of artwork from the acclaimed InstaFame Phantom Art Collection. The masterpiece titled "Pnut 2 Drip" by Fernando Miteff, aka Nic 707, founder of the InstaFame Phantom Art Collection, will be prominently featured at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York, as part of the Hip Hop Heroes exhibition from November 10, 2023, to March 3, 2024.

The Hip Hop Heroes exhibition, located at the Hudson River Museum, 511 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, NY, is a celebration of fifty years of Hip Hop in Yonkers and neighboring communities. The exhibition honors the pioneers and party-goers who contributed to the evolution of Hip Hop, showcasing art and artifacts from community members. Miteff Enterprises is thrilled to be a part of this cultural event by lending a significant piece from the InstaFame Phantom Art Collection.

Curated by Karim Miteff, the InstaFame Phantom Art Collection is a remarkable assemblage of urban art, reflecting the spirit and innovation of the New York graffiti movement. Fernando Miteff, aka Nic 707, played a pivotal role in this movement's history, and his legacy is celebrated through the unique and groundbreaking works in the collection.

Nic 707's guerrilla-style exhibitions with the InstaFame Phantom Art Project brought graffiti back to the New York City Transit system, flourishing over an eleven-year period from 2009 to 2020. This project, with its pioneering concepts, resulted in a collection of over 656 art objects, showcasing the diverse talent and styles of numerous artists from around the world.

The loan of "Pnut 2 Drip" to the Hip Hop Heroes exhibition is a testament to Nic 707's enduring influence on the world of graffiti and his impact on the New York art community. Miteff Enterprises is honored to contribute to an exhibition that celebrates the multimedia dimension of Hip Hop, including DJing, MCing, breakdancing, and graffiti.

For those interested in experiencing the Hip Hop Heroes exhibition, it is open to the public from November 10, 2023, to March 3, 2024, at the Hudson River Museum. More information about the exhibition can be found on the museum's website:

For press inquiries, please contact: Karim Miteff

Curator, InstaFame Phantom Art Collection

Phone: (407) 421-8003

InstaFame Phantom Art Website:

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