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"Faces of Graffiti" Shows Artists in a Different Light

Updated: May 23, 2023

Caroline Jensen, whose wonderful photographs of Nic 707 appear in InstaFame Phantom Art, Volume 1, has released a new book published by Dokument Press, "Faces of Graffiti" features intimate portraits of writers with whom the photographer has established a deep and personal connection.

The book portrays New York graffiti pioneers who began writing in the late 1960s, writers who grabbed the baton and established graffiti in Stockholm in the 1980s, and younger writers who have further developed the graphic design of graffiti.

Charmin 65, Nic 707, Riff 170, Rubin, Snake 1, Kaos, Shiro, and Taki 183 are some of the artists portrayed in the book, accompanied by images of their graffiti art. Rooted in her work as a psychotherapist, she reflects on self-development and graffiti's role in these writers' lives.

"Faces of Graffiti" by Caroline Jensen

Publisher: Dokument Press,

Hardcover. 8 x 0.33 x 12 in. 80 Pages.

ISBN: 978-91-88369-66-6

Published: November 25, 2021

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