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InstaFame Phantom Art
Volume 1: The Nic 707 Collection

The official and definitive visual guide and resource to one of New York City's most unique and groundbreaking urban art movements.

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InstaFame Phantom Art, Volume 1 chronicles the exhibition’s first five years, primarily featuring its founder, Nic 707, who also created the techniques and format this project pioneered. This colorful guide delves into Nic 707’s early experiences as a graffiti writer, his inspiring philosophy, and his approach to revolutionize public performance and exhibition. It serves as a detailed and comprehensive resource for art enthusiasts and collectors interested in identifying and tracking particular works, containing hundreds of images that celebrate Nic 707’s wild talent and irrepressible imagination. It also stands as an entertaining memoir and testament to one of the most fascinating initiatives in modern graffiti and art history.

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