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Meta Obscura Media

"Where the Strange and Bizarre Await You"

Meta Obscura Media is a publishing group that prides itself on producing bizarre and unusual material, because they are just about as looney as the topics they cover: comically monstrous editorial teams are assigned to work on books about other absurd monsters and situations; their offices are home to all manner of meddlesome creatures and beasties; and even contributing ghostwriters turn out to be actual ghosts! Founded by the enigmatic Cavendish family, this imprint's management style is equally eccentrically unorthodox -- to say the least -- leading to the creation of an ever-growing line of wonderfully preposterous illustrated and literary adventures.

If you are looking for quirky and off the wall escape from the ordinary, Meta Obscura Media's offerings are a fun place to start.

Current Catalog

A Book of Funny Monsters

A hilarious collection of cartoon illustrations featuring a bizarre array of delightfully weird and wacky creatures.

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