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InstaFame Phantom Art Outreach

Nic 707

Nic 707 is the graffiti name of Fernando Miteff, an artist who figures prominently in the history of the New York graffiti movement. Nic 707 was an early “Style Master,” a rare title of merit that acknowledges exceptional creativity, refined artistic talent and the willingness to share techniques with other artists.

Nic 707 founded OTB, the “Out to Bomb” or “Only the Best,” graffiti crew in the ‘70s, whose members included such luminaries as NOC 167, Cope 2, and Tracy 168. The InstaFame Phantom Art project was the culmination of his early calling as a graffiti writer in the 1970s and his sincere desire to conscientiously bring graffiti back to its ancestral home. Having passed away due to complications from Covid-19 in 2020, this decade-long project, its pioneering concepts, and the resulting collection remain Nic 707's enduring legacy.

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