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Karim Miteff

Producer, multi-disciplinary digital artist, and storyteller.

Karim is primarily known as the co-creator of Nickelodeon Arcade, the first television game show production in the United States to integrate interactive computer graphics and real-time virtual reality technology. He is a tremendous fan of comic books, films, and TV in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and high adventure, Karim was drawn to the rich imaginative illustrations and works of such phenomenal artists as Jim Starlin, Jack Kirby, The Brothers Hildebrandt, Frank Frazetta, and H.R. Giger. Many of his works are inspired by the narratives of his favorite authors including H.P. Lovecraft, Larry Niven, Jack Chalker, and A.E. Van Vogt. His broad knowledge of the genres and his own frenetic imagination provides a deep wellspring to draw from, resulting in a wonderfully bizarre array of technically innovative design concepts, literary works, and digital art.

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